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Q&A with the SecureDrop Team

September 10, 2019
Quote from UX zero-day participant, The USABLE project by Internews is an example of how we can ensure continued support for usability work which would benefit users of open source tools as well as the creators of these tools

USABLE at RightsCon Tunis

August 27, 2019
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Announcing New USABLE Website!

August 10, 2019
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USABLE Personas

July 16, 2019

The USABLE Response

July 12, 2019

Announcing New USABLE Personas

December 28, 2018

USABLE at RightsCon Toronto

May 10, 2018

Announcing the UXFund Results!

December 28, 2016

USABLE Updates, Resources and more!

September 20, 2016