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Cuba: "Yasmany"

"I must protect my information from device searches and surveillance"


Yasmany is a married man in his thirties. He is a journalist based in Cuba and a vocal advocate for Afro-Cuban rights. He uses public transportation to reach his sources and often has to pass through security checkpoints.

He uses technology to communicate with his colleagues, family, and friends. He also uses his mobile device to record interviews and take pictures. Yasmany has grown accustomed to habitual harassment from the police.


Yasmany needs to protect himself and his stories from the government.

He needs to communicate securely with his sources and keep his files safe.

He needs to be able to record interviews on his mobile device.


Limited internet connectivity and expensive data plans restrict Yasmany’s options when it comes to communication.

Most of the computers he has access to have government spyware that can track and record both online and offline activity.

He is the subject of raids and sometimes his devices are searched at security checkpoints.


He is aware of the risks that he faces.

He makes sure he does not disclose sensitive information in calls and text messages.

He always updates the software on his devices.


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