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Indonesia: "Husna"

Advocate for Freedom of Expression
"I will fight for the freedom of others just like I would fight for my own freedom."


Husna is an Indonesian woman in her mid twenties. She is an advocate for both freedom of expression and religious freedom. For many years, she has worked on issues related to peace building, deradicalization, and journalism that supports the peace process.

She uses social media to spread messages and information to the general public. She also uses social media to coordinate activities for different minority rights groups. The various groups are using Facebook, including Facebook Messenger, to coordinate their activities. The groups use Twitter to gain more public interest and support.


Husna hopes for a better society.

She hopes that Indonesia will protect pluralism.

She wants to make sure that the government does not pass discriminatory policies against minority religions.


There are often government agents or intelligence officers physically present at the events Husna helps coordinate.

She is at risk of attacks from paramilitary groups.

State actors use surveillance to track Husna.


Husna is a very brave advocate.

She believes strongly in the values of pluralism.

She supports and has access to a large network of people that have different beliefs.


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