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Jordan: "Ahmed"

University Student
"People in my country need to be able to express themselves securely, regardless of their opinions."


Ahmed is a student at a Jordanian university. He is concerned about the state of affairs in his country and he wants to raise awareness about what is happening.

Ahmed always tries to express his concerns securely and anonymously, usually relying on social media networks to do so. He has not yet faced any prosecution or retaliation.


He wants to oe able to express himself freely and securely.

He wants to communicate securely using WhatsApp and anonymously using faoebook.


He fears that being vocal about his opinions online will endanger his safety and might lead to arrest.

He fears that expressing opimions that are different will alienate him in his society.

He is worried he may be surveilled or his devices may be confiscated.


Ahmed owns a smart phone.

He is familiar with using social media networks for communication.

He can write and understand some English.


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