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Kenya: Peter

"No human is limited..."


Peter is a health worker in his community and also works for an environmental and human rights advocacy organization based in Mombasa, Kenya as a researcher. His day to day activities include researching the possible dangers that industrial waste can cause to humans and the environment. He lives with his wife, two sons, and one daughter.

Peter uses a laptop for work daily, and a cellphone to communicate with colleagues as well as his family. He uses dropbox to store findings from the field, and uses Skype often to communicate with colleagues and partners.


Peter’s biggest concern is the privacy of his patients. He wants to make sure that he is using a secure application that can store the details of patients securely, in order to protect their privacy. He would also like to have an application that can monitor the supply of government drugs in hospitals to ensure that they are adequately stocked.


As an environmentalist, he is at risk of being targeted and cyber-bullied

If his devices are stolen, all of his research data will be at risk

As a healthcare professional, he is at risk of patients' data leaking


He is aware of the risks that he faces if he does not take steps to protect his accounts.

He uses 2fa on Facebook and Gmail accounts to keep them secure.

He is a great communicator, and can make presentations for those in his community.


What is the best tool to encrypt my data on my computer?

How can I protect the details of patients from being stolen and leaked?

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