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Lebanon: "Lara"

I use WhatsApp, but I am looking for another app that doesn't require me to share my phone number.


Lara is a Lebanese woman in her late twenties. She works as a journalist and is also a well-informed activist. She stays up-to-date on all current events and the latest news updates.

As a result of her activism, she has been targeted by the government and other entities.

She uses chat applications like WhatsApp to communicate with her colleagues and connect with sources for her reporting.


She needs to communicate securely with her contacts and sources.

She wants to better understand how to safely use the applications she is already using.


She has previously been the target of “man in the middle” attacks.

She could be imprisoned as a result of defamation.

She often receives phishing links.


She believes that she has nothing to hide.

She writes bold articles that educate and inspire others.

She knows that unencrypted apps are the most vulnerable in terms of security.


Is it safe to use WhatsApp?

Is there another application that I should be using for secure communication?

How can I encourage other people to use secure applications?