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Nicaragua: "Esteban Ramirez"

I'm afraid that the chats I have with my sources will be leaked


Esteban is a journalist in his mid-twenties. He works at a small newspaper in Managua, Nicaragua. He reports on thematic issues, often using public transportation to meet with sources.

As a journalist, he relies on technology to communicate with his sources. He wants to improve his digital security to ensure that he is not endangering himself or those he interviews.


Esteban needs a secure chat platform to use when communicating with his sources, many of whom are people at risk.

He wants to be sure that his data and conversations are not revealed to third parties.


Esteban’s sources have limited access to the internet and little knowledge about safe applications.

Esteban and his sources use devices with low storage capacity.


Esteban has connections within the technological community, including with developers and bloggers.

He is constantly up-to-date with new technology.


What applications will allow me to securely communicate with my sources?

Are there tools that are easy to use?