Persona image for Russia: "Marina"

Russia: "Marina"

Activist/Blogger/Local Community Organizer
"Technology helps me amplify my message. I need security, but not at the price of usability."


Marina is in her mid-thirties and works as an activist, blogger, and local community organizer.

She uses different technologies to post about local issues, to communicate with fellow activists, and to organize protests.

She often takes photos to post on social media and has organized petitions that are sent to local administrators.


She wants her voice to be heard by the community.

She also wants to use tools that are easily accessible for other activists and community members.


Local authorities launch DDoS attacks and employ trolls and hackers against her Facebook account.

Police can arrest Marina and confiscate her phone.

Her followers and supporters could face persecution if exposed.


She is knowledgeable about social networks and social applications.

She is internet savvy and is fluent in English.


How can I prevent the identities of supporters from being leaked?

How can I protect my Facebook, email, and IM from hackers and prevent them from being blocked?