Persona image for Ukraine: "Anna"

Ukraine: "Anna"

Anti-Corruption Lawyer
I don't want important legal documents ending up in the hands of my adversaries. I also don't want to put my team at risk.


Anna is a middle-aged woman, working for an anti-corruption non-governmental organization in Ukraine. She leads many cases against high-profile corruption within the Ukrainian government.

She stores important documents on her Laptop. She uses WhatsApp to communicate with her team and family. She often needs to print documents in order to file legal requests.


She wants to win her cases against corrupted officials.

She wants to keep herself and her team merrnbers safe from state-Level actors.


Her phone was stolen and then returned by a ranaom person.

Her team conversations on WhatsApp have been repeatedly leaked.

There may be some documents on her device that could potentially incriminate her and other innocent people.


Anna uses full-disk encryption and all of her devices are password protected.

She uses WhatsApp for all important conversations and has 2-factor authentication enabled on all important accounts.


Can someone break into my device if it is locked?

I was told that WhatsApp is safe, so how can our information be repeatedly leaked?