Persona image for Uganda: "Jomeo Richard""

Uganda: "Jomeo Richard""

Anti-Corruption Activist
"I need to use secure communication tools. The threats against my work are politically motivated. It is high time I develop a security strategy."


Jomeo is in his late twenties and based in Uganda. He works with anti-corruption groups to create public awareness about the ongoing and severe violations and abuses of human rights by both public and private individuals.

His work involves monitoring and documenting human rights violations and corruption through digital media.

He is not very experienced in the use of technology to collect sensitive information, but he has used Signal and PGP to communicate securely with his contacts. The group he works with has some technical capacity and experience with digital security.


Jomeo wants to continue to use the internet as a primary medium to expose corruption.

He needs to build his capacity to promote governance, human rights, accountability, and transparency through social media and avid blogging. He also needs to maintain a secure environment to protect his work and his sources.


He is the target of intimidation and harrassment by police.

Office and home raids lead to the confiscation of phones, laptops, flash disks, modems, and soft and hard copies of documents by security operatives.

Surveillance is a concern, as phones have been tapped. Other concerns include imprisonment and degradation of the organization.


Jomeo has previously attended security trainings. He learned how to maintain strong passwords, enable 2-step verification, and how to securely communicate via encryption.

He also backs up confidential documents to ensure safe storage.

His groups are helping keep him up-to-date with digital security measures.


What can happen to me if I am arrested without my colleagues knowledge?

How can I communicate with my contacts about the arrest?