Q&A with Simply Secure

What is your organization? And what is your role? Simply Secure is a design nonprofit based in New York and Berlin.

UXFund: Okthanks

Okthanks, an organization focused on user experience and human-centered design, received a 9 month grant from the USABLE project to expand their capacity working with open-source privacy and security tool teams and digital security trainers around the globe.

USABLE at the 2019 Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS)

The USABLE team facilitated a half-day workshop this past August at the 2019 Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS) in Santa Clara, California.

Announcing New USABLE Website!

New USABLE Website We’re excited to announce the launch of our re-designed USABLE website! This new site features a clear breakdown of the USABLE project, including descriptions of the various communities we partner with in different capacities.

USABLE Personas

The USABLE project has harnessed the knowledge of the digital security training community to build personas of high-risk users from around the globe.

USABLE Updates, Resources and more!

We can’t believe it’s been two months since the UXForum! To be fair, we had a lot of sleep to catch up on, and there have been some exciting staff transitions over on our team.