Power to the Users -- From trainings to the UXForum and onwards.

Three years ago, I led a digital security training for independent media in Kyiv during the peak of the EuroMaidan protests.

User Testing in Digital Security Training

During our first Tool Feedback Training, we faced some natural reluctance to “complain” about a tool being trained upon, which was magnified by the effect of having a representative from the tool in the training.


Thanks to our friends over at Yahoo! for a great blog post outlining their amazing support of our work! Security and Product Design with Human Rights in Mind By Katie Shay, Legal Counsel, Business & Human Rights

Learning how to balance design and training

The USABLE team is halfway through our Tool Feedback Training process, and the first two TFTs were hugely informative. We worked with groups doing amazing work while facing widely different challenges; including censorship, targeted malware, and situations where digital security problems can become physical security ones.