Sample Schedule

Day Description
  • Project Overview and Introduction to Design
  • Experience sharing: "A Day in the Life"
  • Threat modeling introduction
  • Digital security overview
  • Design exercises: "The Wallet Project"
  • Persona creation and discussions about risks and tools
  • Digital security tool training with participant observation feedback
  • Defining expectations and requirements for digital security tools
  • Digital security tool training with user testing observation and participant feedback
  • Further digital security training (depending on scope and complexity of tools)
  • Review tool experience from a design perspective
  • Open discussion around digital security needs
  • Roadmap and prioritization of challenges
  • Finalize user personas

Needs Assessment and Training Resources

Below are some featured resources that USABLE is building off of.

Design for Media Development

Internews' human centered design work

Visit the site

Needfinding Framework

SecondMuse's Needs Assessment guide

Get the framweork

Level Up

Co-created digital security curricula

Find Curricula

Secure User Practices Project


Explore Personas

Design Resources

Stanford's d-school's design exercises

Browse Resources

UIUC & UMich

Research teams from both schools.