Digital security tools have evolved in response to the multiple, varied challenges that human rights defenders face in extreme environments, but having these technical solutions alone is not sufficient. Security tools must also be easy and simple to understand, welcoming users from diverse backgrounds and technical skill levels.

Any tool, no matter how secure, leaves a user insecure if left unused, or if used insecurely. Adding a strong usability component to digital security tools reduces the risk of human error, but more importantly it unlocks the potential of real scale.

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Connecting Human-Centered Design, Digital Security Training, and Tool Development

USABLE connects communities world-wide with leading UX experts and digital security tool developers through Tool Feedback Trainings to solve real problems, build better tools, and create lasting, re-usable user personas for others to incorporate.

After bringing these stakeholders together for an intense 4-day UXForum in early 2016, USABLE will launch the UXFund to target small grants to user-driven usability and accessibility improvements for digital security tools.


The USABLE Process

Usable starts with community building to create concrete outputs and usability enhancements.

Ongoing: Tool Feedback Trainings

Learn about our needs assessment process, training approach, and user persona generation. Check out the blog for learnings so far!

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Summer 2016: UX Forum

4-day usability and internet freedom deep-dive bringing together activists, trainers, developers and UX experts; July 2016.

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Fall 2016: UXFund

The application process closed on September 30 - judging and awards are in process.

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USABLE's approach as a diagram


  • Summer 2015

    Call for participation

  • Fall 2015

    Engaging the first 4 communities

  • Winter/Spring

    Connected community needs with tools, trainers, and designers

  • Summer 2016

    Commmunity-led prioritizing usability changes and themes

  • Fall 2016

    Open fund for human-centered design based usability enhancements


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