The USABLE project (Usable Security Apps by Leveraging End-users) is building feedback loops across the world, connecting digital security trainers working with at-risk communities, design experts, and open source tool developers. This human-centered design approach to the development of digital security software aims to solve real problems and build better, more usable tools for communities who need them most.

The Challenge

Any tool, no matter how secure, leaves users vulnerable if it is too difficult to use. Many of the most popular and most critical open source security and privacy tools are maintained and updated by small tool teams with limited exposure to the specific profiles and needs of at-risk users. Though tools exist to mitigate security challenges in difficult contexts, usability and accessibility roadblocks oftentimes prevent users from easily adopting them.

The USABLE Response

By connecting at-risk individuals and organizations around the world with open source tool developers, the USABLE project allows vulnerable communities to have a voice in the development process of the tools they rely on. With more localized and usable tools, these individuals and organizations will be better equipped to respond to the digital threats they face. The USABLE project aims to change the ecosystem of open source privacy and security tools being used by at-risk communities by ingraining human centered design approaches into development processes and providing support to tool teams. Read more about the USABLE process here.

Who We Work With