UXFund: SecureDrop

October 1, 2019
 SecureDrop logo
SecureDrop logo

SecureDrop is an open source software platform that allows secure sharing and communication between journalists and their sources. Under the UXFund, Internews contracted an individual UX designer to work with the SecureDrop team to support the creation of a user-friendly, integrated SecureDrop workstation.

After ongoing iterative testing of prototypes, the designer provided experience recommendations with many focused on accessibility such as updating the color palette and typography to improve contrast and legibility, making the header text more intuitive, and enabling keyboard navigation. Additional recommendations can be seen at https://github.com/freedomofpress/securedrop-ux/issues/42.

The designer also met with the project team via video conference to present the workstation client visual design, including explorations for how to carry newly resolved branding into web user interfacess for the Source and Journalist experiences. A screenshot of the client prototype can be seen below.

SecureDrop interface