USABLE at IFF 2019

Stickie notes from IFF 2019

The USABLE team attended the 2019 Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia, Spain. During the week, the team connected with digital security trainers, open source tool teams, and user-experience (UX) experts to discuss past, current, and future USABLE work.

USABLE partnered with Okthanks to co-facilitate a session entitled “The Power of Personas.” The one-hour session provided a general overview of user personas and featured multiple examples, including USABLE personas and Okthanks personas. The remainder of the session focused on the process of creating user personas, demonstrated via a group activity.

The Persona Builder activity was developed by the Okthanks team, and facilitates a step-by-step process to create a user persona. This activity is useful for tool teams and digital security trainers hoping to better understand the needs of their users, and community members seeking to map their risks and behaviors.