USABLE at RightsCon 2018

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The USABLE team led two sessions at RightsCon 2018 in Toronto. The first of these sessions, entitled, “Making the Tech USABLE – how to gather and share user feedback from our digital security trainings,” was co-facilitated with Defend Defenders, one of our partners in East Africa, and a trainer from the East Africa UX Workshop. The session consisted of a UX Activity for feedback collection, where participants were split into smaller groups and acted as training participants, providing feedback on five specific tasks in the Signal app. After completing these tasks on the app, the participants provided feedback using a 1-5 scale on the difficulty in completing those tasks. After the activity, the groups came together to exchange feedback on the tool as well as the usefulness of the UX Activity itself.

The second session co-led with, the Design Lead at Access Now, was a UX/Tech Meet-up. The goal of the meetup was to connect talents across sectors and to share experiences and lessons from existing projects. Everyone introduced themselves to the group and explained their interest in/experience with UX/UI. The group then divided and focused in on two themes. One group focused on specific resources (either existing or needed) that could be used within the UX context, while the other focused on highlighting tangible opportunities for collaboration among those attending the meetup.

The sessions at RightsCon, along with various side meetings, provided a space to create connections, introduce USABLE to new tool teams and individuals, and advertise for the second UXForum, which happened just a few months after RightsCon.