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Dominican Republic: "Jackefine"

Administrative Assistant
I'm frustrated that women continue to face violence online


Jackefine is a woman in her mid-twenties living in the capital of the Dominican Republic. She is currently attending university and working as an administrative assistant. In her free time, she supports feminist causes.

Until recently she lived with her family, but she now lives with a friend. Her favorite social network is Facebook, which she uses to confidently publish her daily activities. She has a mobile data plan that allows her to use Facebook and WhatsApp.


She wants to learn how to use social networks and applications to express herself in safe ways.

She wants to be able to explore her sexuality without facing harassment online.


Explicit, sexual content of Jackefine was published on social media and other platforms by her ex-boyfriend.

She is now receiving a wave of offensive and sexist messages.

Her phone was also compromised and the photos were sent to all of her contacts.


Jackefine owns various devices, including a mobile phone and a tablet.

She has a very strong support network of friends and coworkers.

She is an experienced woman and she knows her rights.


What do I need to do to express myself safely?

Are there applications that allow you to protect your identity when sending elicit photos?

How can I prevent the spreading of my photos without my consent?