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Indonesia: "Ayu"

Transwoman and LGBTQI Activist
"It has never been easy to be both a transwoman and a human rights activist in my society. But the internet helps me do my work and advocate for my causes."


Ayu is in her early twenties and identifies as a Muslim transwoman. She grew up in a small village and is part of a conservative family. After facing violence and harassment, she dropped out of high school and fled to Jakarta.

She currently works as a sex worker and serves as an advocate for the LGBTQI community.

She uses the same social media networks and platforms for her sex work, activism, and to connect with friends and family. So me of these applications are location-based and use her real photo.


Ayu wants to continue her work and activism without risking her life or endangering the people around her.

She needs to develop cost-effective strategies to keep her work and activism separate from her personal life and to ensure that her information is secure.


She faces daily online harassment and attacks based on her identity as a transwoman, a sex worker, and an activist.

People, including the government and religious conservatives, can collect information about Ayu from her online accounts and use it to persecute and attack her both online and physically.

She invites clients to her home which poses a physical danger to her.


Ayu is tech savvy in terms of using and navigating applications on her Android phone.

She works independently and has the power to choose her clients.

She is very committed to activism and is a strong voice within the community.


How can I use social media for my work, my activism, and personal life securely?

How can I respond to online attacks?

How can I separate my personal and professional lives?