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Kenya: "Alexandria Christian"

"We love to be 100% careful, but we will never be 100% safe."


Alexandria is based in Nairobi, Kenya. She is married and in her late twenties with a young child. She is a lawyer by profession, but is also a champion of women’s rights. She has been very vocal about FGM and has received some backlash for her activism.

As part of her anti-FGM work, Alexandria uses an application that enables volunteers to rescue young girls and relocate them. Alexandria is responsible for coordinating the volunteers.


I need to be able to track the movement to my volunteers.

I need an application which has an emergency button for when there is no time to communicate.


Alexandria’s child has been downloading apps on her phone without her knowledge. The downloaded software included malware, which compromised sensitive information stored on her device. The malware is also capable of downloading and installing other apps and can do so without detection. Alexandria does not know how much information has been leaked so far, but the volunteers are vulnerable to attacks since their identities have been revealed.


Alexandria makes sure that her software is always updated.

She also makes sure that all volunteer files are encrypted and is able to use the application to spread her message and get more people involved in anti-FGM efforts.


Can I still safely use my phone after deleting all the apps?

What can I do to avoid such incidents in the future?