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Kenya: Denis

IT Officer
"Trusting someone and that person being truthful are two different things."


Denis is an IT Officer and project manager in his early 30s. He does work for an organization that works towards the realization of environmental and human rights for the economically marginalized communities around extractive industries and toxic sites.

Denis is married and has one daughter. In his free time, he works on designing a tool that his community can use to report cases on industries that toxify the environment.

He uses his computer and cell phone daily, and uses KeePassXC to manage his passwords and Tresorit to back up the organization’s data.


Denis wants to become a computer and data security expert in order to help his community learn how to store their data and keep their computers safe. With his knowledge in programming, he wants to develop a tool that can track manufacturing industries in his country.

His other goal is to have a secure communication channel for the organization that can be used for reporting cases and complaints from the community to the office.


Surveillance of phone calls and the hacking of organization’s online accounts.

His physical security is at risk, as targeted office break-ins are common in his city.

His laptop and phone may be stolen during a break-in or robbery.


He can train others to create strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication.

He is able to identify a computer threat and clean it. He can use any computer programming language.

He is known as a trusted technical expert in his community.


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