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Kenya: "Mary"

IT Assistant
Nothing is impossible, for the word itself says I'm Possible


Mary is a digital security trainer, gender policy expert, and a research consultant with many years of experience conducting research for different organizations. She also trains activists and local communities on skills for adopting strategic non-violence and movement building to affect social change. She works as an IT assistant for an organization that promotes environmental rights. Recently, the organization was hit by ransomware and they lost a lot of information.

She uses a laptop for work and trainings and uses bitlocker and Veracrypt to encrypt files and drives. She makes sure to use secure plug-ins in browser to enhance security. She also uses a cellphone daily and occasionally uses social media.


Mary wants to learn more about ethical hacking in order to help human rights defenders better protect their systems. Since her organization was recently attacked by ransomware, she wants to make sure she has the best antivirus possible to protect their network and data. She would like to strengthen her organization’s IT policies, including back up procedures, to prevent this from happening again.


Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks have been happening to other Human Rights Organizations in the region.

Spam and phishing emails and SMS messages are often received by members of her organization.

Physical security is a concern, as office and home break ins are common in the area.


Mary is able to train others in digital security, including those in her organization.

She uses file encryption and a password manager to store strong passwords.

She has a strong technical background, and can install and configure different operating systems.


How can internet of things devices be secured?

How can I stop or minimize spam emails in my gmail inbox?