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Nepal: "Chumi"

LGBTI Activist
"Every gender has the right to live freely and proudly."


Chumi is a lesbian woman in her mid thirties. She grew up in a small town in Nepal, but now lives in the capital and works at an organization focused on advancing the rights of LGBT people. Her organization advocates for gender equality and LGBT inclusive environments around the country.

She uses Facebook, WhatsApp, and email to communicate with community members, collect stories from the community, provide real-time counseling, and share legal updates.


She wants LGBTI community members to be able to live in society with dignity.

She wants to make others aware of laws.

She wants to protect herself, the people she works with, and her information.


She has received death threats due to her advocacy for the LGBTI community.

Her personal information is on the internet and is published frequently by the media, which means other people have access to it.

She is harassed online because of her LGBTI identity.


Chumi has strong advocating power and a lot of community members who support her activities.

She is very active online and the media looks to her as a trusted source of information.

She has a lot of experience using technology.


How can people safely tell their stories on social media? Do people have to make anonymous accounts?

What is the safest way to video conference with community members?

Which tools are secure? Which should I recommend for community members?