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Nepal: "Maya"

Freelance Journalist/Advocate
"Information about those who govern you should be your top priority."


Maya is a Nepalese woman in her early thirties. She is an information advocate, an avid researcher, and is very active on Twitter and Facebook.

She is a well-known journalist in Nepal with many Twitter and other social media followers. She primarily writes about politics, sharing news and tweets related to political events or incidents happening in the country. Often times, she investigates and reports on her stories by physically going to the location of the incident or where the event is taking place, putting her at risk of physical harm. When she publishes her stories, many times they are seen as sensitive or controversial in nature.


Maya believes in the right to information and is therefore committed to sharing sensitive information with the public.

As she has already been a victim of violence, she prioritizes the safety of herself as well as those she works with.


She often shares sensitive information about important and powerful figures in Nepal.

She covers controversial issues from corruption to migration.

She takes the same route every day. She is concerned that she will be stalked or harassed on her commute.

Her devices could be confiscated.


Maya has strong research skills.

She is known by many as a pioneer of the right to information and is regarded as one of the most credible sources in Nepal.

She uses her Android phone for public uses and her iPhone for personal uses.


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