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Sudan: "Fatima"

Advocate for Women's Rights
"All of my work is online, because we cannot afford to have an office. All of our budget directly funds our activities."


Fatima is in her late twenties and is an advocate for women’s rights in Sudan. She works with students from the local university and other local women, advising them on funding opportunities.

She relies on her phone and computer to stay connected with the community and to store important data. She also uses Skype to communicate with women remotely.


She wants to make FGM and child marriage illegal in Sudan.

She wants to raise awareness about gender-based violence and domestic violence.

She wants to help women in her country raise their voices.


Working on these issues makes her a target of phone tapping, email hacking, and home raids. If targeted, her data could be Lost or compromised.

She is also at risk of verbal and physical abuse or arrest.


Fatima has knowledge of the community and has many strong relationships.

She is also familiar with technology and she is comfortable using it.


What can I do to make sure I do not lose my data?

If needed, what ways can I hide sensitive information on my laptop?

How can I make sure everyone is safe when they contact me?