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Ukraine: "Maksym"

"I want to protect my identity, but at the same time be efficient in publicizing my ideas and mobilizing local communities through social media."


Maksym is in his late twenties and works as a history teacher in Ukraine. During his free time, he works as an admin and editor for a social media page of a local activist group. The group fights against city gentrification and the destruction of local parks for residential development.

He uses his Laptop to access his personal pages and advocacy groups on Facebook and VKontakte. He uses Telegram to communicate with his fellow activists and ephemeral online notepads (i.e. for sensitive communication. He uses different VPN clients to access VKontakte pages that are blocked in Ukraine due to sanctions on Russia, as a large part of his audience still uses the site.


He wants to keep his true identity secret in order to protect his job as a teacher.

He needs to me sure that his Facebook pages are secure and available at all times.

He wants to engage the local community in the struggLe against gentrification and corruption of city officials.


Several members of his group have been temporarily arrested in the past on fake charges and their devices were confiscated. Their social media pages were deleted after devices were confiscated by authorities. This caused them to lose a large portion of their audience.

He is afraid that his identity will be revealed by law enforcement or corrupt officials.


Maksym’s devices are password protected and he has 2-factor authentication enabled on all important accounts.

He uses Telegram for most conversations and for sensitive communication.

He also uses aliases on all his personal social media accounts.


Can someone track me using my phone number (since you do not need to register a SIM card with a specific name in Ukraine yet)?

What can I do to protect our social media pages from being deleted if my devices were to be seized?