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Ukraine: "Oleksandr"

Lawyer/Human Rights Defender
"I forgot my password. Again.


Oleksandr is in his forties and works as both a lawyer and human rights defender. He is currently working on legal cases of human rights violations, which involves preparing documents for international courts.

He uses 2-factor authentication with Gmail, Google Drive, and Facebook. However, he is always forgetting his passwords. He writes the passwords down on a sheet of paper, but still sometimes struggles with logging in to his Gmail account.

Though he is a lawyer, he is not aware of how police are inspecting devices.


He needs to be able to store sensitive data safely.

He also needs to be able to transfer the data securely.

He wants to make sure human rights defenders are not imprisoned.


His laptop, smart phone, or flash drives could be confiscated.

At the border, authorities could gain access to his devices.

He could be the target of malware or phishing attacks.


Oleksandr has encrypted his laptop using Bitlocker.

Both his laptop and smart phone are password protected.

He knows the laws and can access remote IT support when needed.


What happens if I lose my password again?

What happens to all of my data if my laptop or smart phone is confiscated?

What happens if my laptop or smart phone is infected with malware?