16 Tips for Maintaining Trust During Feedback Collection

Trust is always a prerequisite for working with at-risk communities, but it becomes increasingly important when you are gathering feedback. If trust has been established, users are more likely to participate in the feedback process and provide honest responses without fear of judgment or risk.

AXIS: A Global Feedback Exchange for Trainers, Auditors, Developers, and Designers

Internews, with support from Okthanks and Simply Secure, hosted a month-long virtual event entitled AXIS: A Global feedback Exchange for Trainers, Auditors, Designers, and Developers.

RightsCon 2020: Ensuring Users Have a Voice: Collecting and Integrating User Feedback

RightsCon, the world’s leading event on human rights in the digital age, was held online this year during the month of July 2020.

Announcing the 2020-2021 UXFund

We are excited to announce the launch of the latest round of the UXFund, a targeted pool of funding dedicated to improving the usability of open source security and privacy tools used by at-risk communities around the globe.

SAFETAG Community Feedback

Over the last few months, we have been working with Tafka, a Mexico-based design firm, to develop a new visual identity for the SAFETAG framework.

A very short story about digital security for young women

So, why has it become more important for young women to get to know about digital security? Because more and more, they’re using and living in the internet world, either for education, to earn some money, or simply to have fun.

Rights Con 2020: What happens between SAFETAG-based audits in NGOs? Long term tech support

RightsCon, the world’s leading event on human rights in the digital age, was held online this year during the month of July 2020.

10 Tips for Collecting Quality User Feedback from Grassroots HRDs, Activists, and Security Tool Users

Security tools are vital to ensure at-risk users like human rights defenders and activists stay safe while doing their valuable work of activism and defending human rights.

Synthesizing and Prioritizing Feedback

Collecting feedback from at-risk users is a critical first step, but it is not the final step in the process. To maximize the impact of the feedback loop between end-users and developers, trainers, auditors, and other facilitators should ensure that the feedback shared is of high quality, relevant, and consistent.

Overview of Feedback Collection Activities

Internews UX Feedback Collection Guidebook Many of the most at-risk communities around the globe rely on open source privacy and security tools.

Selecting a Tool and Identifying Developers During the Feedback Collection Process

Trainers and auditors should have the ability and framework to do quick research on tools before beginning the feedback collection process.

Feedback Collection Certification

We are excited to offer a new AXIS Feedback Collection Certification. As part of our 2020 event, Axis: A Global Feedback Exchange for Trainers, Auditors, Designers, and Developers, we are bringing together key communities to map privacy and security tools being used by at-risk organizations and to identify concrete ways that we can support improvements to those tools.

Human-Centered Design and User-Experience

Human-centered design is a principle that intentionally places humans, their needs, their concerns, and their experiences front and center when building a system.

Understanding Development Ecosystems & The Role of Trainers and Auditors

Though business models vary case by case, there are significant differences between the development ecosystems of closed source tools (many of which are private and commercial) and open source tools.

Introducing ADOPTABLE

Introducing ADOPTABLE: Equipping at-risk organizations with localized expertise, resources, and tools to mitigate digital attacks Human rights organizations around the globe continue to face ongoing and increasing digital security threats from state and non-state actors.