Feedback Collection Certification

July 31, 2020
 Image of the AxIS event logo
Image of the AxIS event logo

We are excited to offer a new AXIS Feedback Collection Certification. As part of our 2020 event, Axis: A Global Feedback Exchange for Trainers, Auditors, Designers, and Developers, we are bringing together key communities to map privacy and security tools being used by at-risk organizations and to identify concrete ways that we can support improvements to those tools.

During the convenings, participants will explore and provide feedback on existing feedback collection resources such as The UX Feedback Collection Guidebook, the Exploratorium, and more. They will map tools being used in at-risk communities, develop organizational archetypes and adversary personas, practice feedback collection activities, learn how to synthesize and prioritize feedback, how to share that information with tool developers, and more.

Each week of the convening offers participants a chance to collect stamps toward the Feedback Collection Certification by engaging and interacting with fundamental concepts important to understanding and implementing feedback within their communities.

Following the convenings, participants will be able to integrate feedback collection into their existing audits and/or trainings, resulting in actionable feedback that will be shared directly with tool teams and developers. Additionally, participants will have the option to apply for funding to put these skills into practice.

Individuals who receive this certification have the following qualifications:

  • Knowledge of Open Source Tools: Knowledge of open source privacy and security tools being developed and maintained, as well as an awareness of which at-risk communities are relying on these tools

  • Building Trust With At-risk Communities: Ability to connect and build trust with at-risk communities/users

  • Understanding User Experience & Human Centered Design: Understanding of human-centered design and user-experience

  • Tool-Specific Feedback Collection: Ability to collect tool-specific feedback during digital security trainings and/or organizational security audits (utilizing editable templates and activities for feedback collection)

  • Understanding the User: Ability to understand and capture user needs and challenges at the individual, organization, and/or community levels (and present in the form of personas, archetypes, user stories, etc.)

  • Understanding Adversaries: Knowledge of common adversary tactics and strategies

  • Synthesizing, Prioritizing, and Formatting Feedback: Ability to synthesize, prioritize, and format tool-specific user feedback

  • Communicating User Feedback to Developers: Ability to communicate feedback effectively to developers and/or tool teams

  • Virtual Engagements with Users: Understanding of how to facilitate feedback collection activities virtually

  • Networking: Access to a global network of digital security trainers, auditors, UX designers and accessibility experts, and developers

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