Launch of the UX Feedback Collection Guidebook

October 3, 2019
 The USABLE Guidebook cover
The USABLE Guidebook cover

Today, we are excited to release a compilation of these activities and resources, the UX Feedback Collection Guidebook: Integrating Feedback Collection from High-risk Users into Existing Training Practices.

Many of the most at-risk communities around the globe rely on open source privacy and security tools. However, these tools are often designed, developed, and maintained by individuals or small teams who have little to no access to their target audience — journalists, activists, human rights defenders, and other high-risk groups. This often results in tools that poorly fit the threats, challenges, and/or accessibility or usability requirements of end-users.

The USABLE project aims to close this gap by establishing feedback loops between the communities who make the tools and the communities who use them.

Since 2015, USABLE has worked with over 50 trainers from around the globe, 11 designers and UX experts, and 7 open source tool teams who build products that focus on privacy and security for high-risk communities to develop and test feedback collection activities. The goal was to identify straightforward and time-efficient activities and resources that would allow digital security trainers to integrate feedback collection into their existing training frameworks. When done effectively, the process of capturing and sharing feedback can transform the design and development of the most commonly used privacy and security tools for high-risk users.

UX Feedback Guidebook cover

The guidebook is broken down into four thematic sections:

  • Part I: Collecting Feedback to Better Understand the User
  • Part II: Collecting Tool-specific Feedback During Trainings
  • Part III: Collecting Feedback Outside of Trainings
  • Part IV: Communicating with Developers and Tool Teams

From background information to facilitation guides to editable templates, the guidebook provides trainers and facilitators with the resources required to effectively collect, synthesize, and share valuable feedback from high-risk users with tool developers.

Further details and the full guidebook can be found at

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